The Most Common Questions About The FIFA Coins

The FIFA game is quite trendy. One of the reasons for its trendiness is the yearly changes in the game. The yearly changes ensure that the game is not boring. Furthermore, the existence of the fifacoin makes the game more exciting. Additionally, the game can be played on several consoles, the most common being the PS4. Thus, the FIFA coins are also relatively trendy. The popularity of the FIFA coins has raised several questions. Below are some of the most common questions about the FIFA Coins.

The most common questions about the FIFA Coins

1. Is purchasing FIFA coins illegal?

Buying and selling of the FIFA coins are against the EA games rules. But, if you wish to buy the coins, ensure to get a trusted seller, a secure site, and do it right. If you purchased the coins through the proper channels, there is little chance of getting caught.

2. What is the worth of 100K FIFA coins?

The cost of the coins generally depends on the current market and the time of purchase. But usually, 100k coins are worth $28. At the same time, 500k coins are valued at $139.26. Therefore, the more coins you wish to buy, the more expensive it will be for you.

3. Is it possible to make real money from selling the FIFA coins?

Buying and selling coins is a trade like any other. Therefore, you can sell your FIFA coins from any selected website. The sale of coins will ensure you get real cash by exchanging coins for money

4. Is there a way for one to get FIFA coins quickly?

There are several ways of making the FIFA coins. You can choose to either buy them or earn them. The process of earning coins can be long and tedious. But, purchasing the coins process is relatively straightforward. You can get the coins purchased in a matter of minutes or hours, depending on the chosen site’s policy.

5. Is it possible to track orders on purchased coins?

Not all sites have the same policies. But some of the best sites possible ensure that you can easily track orders placed. Tracking the orders will ensure you get your coins in time. It also reduces any worry you may have had on whether the site is legit.

6. How can one determine whether a FIFA coins site is legit?

There are many FIFA coins selling sites online. Some of which are not legit. To establish whether a site is legit, you will need to study the website carefully. Check for reviews, customer satisfaction, payment security, tracking of orders, live chat, and refund policy. The stated features can help you in deciding the legitimacy of a site.

7. Is there any punishment for purchasing the FIFA coins?

Purchasing of the FIFA coin is deemed as illegal. Thus, if caught, you can be permanently banned from the FIFA games, you can get suspended, or your ultimate team can be withdrawn. Therefore, you should always apply a certain degree of accuracy while buying the coins.


The FIFA coins are a requirement for those playing the FIFA games on the game console. The critical point to note while buying the FIFA coins is to use a legit site that will guarantee you safe transactions. Furthermore, it is essential to know as much as you can about the FIFA coins.